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Accessibility…Anytime from Anywhere!

GoalView provides instant, secure and password-protected access district-wide, statewide, even worldwide, anytime and from any place. It enables students, parents and educators to access thousands of resources across the World Wide Web, delivering the ability to collaborate with colleagues throughout your local and expanded Education Community.

Through controlled secure logons, users have access to up-to-date information instantly! Because GoalView is centralized, all information is entered once, and available instantly to all authorized users.

GoalView is designed with standard Internet technologies, a multilevel data confidentiality system and an interface compliant with Section 508 to ensure maximum accessibility for all individuals, including any person with a disability.

GoalView is an internationalized application with support for creation and printing of communications, reports and on-line training in all the world's major languages.

Information access district-wide, statewide, worldwide anytime from anyplace!

Limitless Accessibility

Transfer student records between schools and even districts instantly.
Access prior year Learning Plans and reports (IEPs, Progress Reports) on-line instantly.
Maintain compliance Section 508 accessibility federal standards.
Provide access to information in multiple languages.
Integrate with District and State Information Systems (SIS).
Collaborate with colleagues on student's Education Plans and progress.
Improve collaboration and access to Education news and resources.
Access GoalView 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere.
Use any Internet-connected Macintosh, PC, or other Internet appliances.
Improve services by accessing curriculum resources, assessments and lesson plans aligned to State Standards with GoalView partners.

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