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Set Goals · Mark Progress · Get Results

Our goal is to enable you to set goals, mark your progress and get results.

You may be...
·a student who sets personal goals and works hard to achieve them.
·a parent or educator who helps a student set and achieve goals.
·a leader who sets ambitious goals for a district or school and guides everyone to achieve them.

GoalView is a revolutionary information management system for K-12, Special Education, Title I and other educational programs that nurtures achievement, ensures accountability, and offers the limitless accessibility of web-based software.

GoalView provides a simple, consistent way to plan and track student and staff achievement, improve accountability, ensure compliance, facilitate communication and improve collaboration. Administrators, teachers and students always know what they have done, what to do next and by when.

GoalView enables you to ...

Set Goals make plans to achieve specific educational standards, professional standards and personal goals.

Mark Progress record and report your progress in easy to understand graphics and in multiple languages; enable everyone to be informed of each incremental step towards achieving your and your students' goals.

Get Results report achievement and compliance, enable data-driven decisions and communicate when tasks are completed.

GoalView can help you achieve the school and district accountability goals mandated by the ESEA No Child Left Behind Act and the IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Act. Learn more about how GoalView can help you get the ESEA and IDEA results you want!

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